About Me

  • Hey, I'm Gabriel. I've been modding games since 2011 and joining game jams since 2014.
  • I love creating games in small teams or having ownership on a specific aspect of a game, because it lets me think of the design as a whole and lets me deliver a more complete experience. I especially enjoy metaphorical design, where the mechanics complete the narrative intents of the game.
  • I have a vast experience in related fields within games, which gives me a great overview of the realities of the rest of the team. On top of my love for game design, I enjoy branching out, so on my recent projects I have done level design, visual programmation, tech art, UI, character art, video editing, and more! I always think of the repercussions my design decisions could have on the rest of the team.
  • When I play, shooters, platformers and spectacle fighters are my favorite game genres. Rhythm games is also a niche I love exploring. I enjoy live games on all platforms.
  • I am based in Montreal.