The Unfortunate Adventures of Rox Willful

Dev time:
6 months

This is an Unreal 4 game made with a team of 10. It started as our final project at NAD and was worked on in our spare time the following months.
Rox Willful is a sci-fi point-and-click game exploring post-war themes with quirky humor. The player has to resolve conflicts through dialogue, trading and minigames.

It got Greenlit on Steam, but development is on indefinite hold.

My tasks:

Narrative design, Game design, Puzzle and minigame design, scripting, character modeling, trailer


Video reflects the work of the entire team.

Narrative design

We had an award winning writer on our team to help us write dialogues and important plot points. His closest relevant experience was writing for movies, so I was in charge of figuring out a pipeline that would work for this type of game. I had regular meetings with him so we could come up with a story that made sense to play, with dialogue choices and some non-linearity.
Below is the format I ended up making to keep everything organized. It is a flowchart visually representing all the possibilities of dialogues and interactions. Whenever I had to change elements of the scenario, it let me easily verify if everything still worked. I would then communicate the coordinates of the changes to the programmer and the writer.

The minigames

I was also in charge of coming up with minigames to spice up the gameplay between dialogue sections. They had to fit the theme and not be too difficult since they are mandatory. I designed and scripted 3 minigames: