Team Fortress 2 map : cp_neighbor

Dev time:
4 months

This is a Team Fortress 2 custom map I made using the Hammer editor. Team Fortress 2 is a 2007 team-based first person shooter by Valve.
In this game mode, BLU team has to capture point A and then B, while RED has to defend both under a time limit.
Beta release is available on but was left unfinished.

My tasks:

Level design, level art (solo project)


This was done for a contest with constraints, here is some of them and how I delt with them:

Video following BLU team successfully attacking point A,
then RED team defending point B.

Control point A

The first control point is meant to be easier for BLU to take. It is set between a shipping facility and an apartment building under construction. There are 3 different paths to reach it, making BLU ambushes possible from all directions. However, RED has multiple places for a viable sentry nest and can lock down some of those paths.

Control point B

The second control point is set in the courtyard of a 1960s style hotel. It is much more cramped and is easier for RED to defend. It is closer to the RED spawn room, and BLU has no path dedicated to taking out the good sentry spots. BLU will need to focus their efforts on aggresive pushes rather than ambushing from all directions.

Map layout iterations

As I playtested the map in a server, I made changes to make it much more narrow, I altered the choke points to make them more viable to Red team, and some line of sights got shortened to make it harder for Snipers. Here are some of the most important revisions:

Key Revision 1

  • Both teams spawn in apartment buildings on opposite sides and the fights happen in the buildings that got built between them.
  • Both respawn rooms move over once Capture Point A is captured.
  • Streets were too wide and too long.
  • Too many separate paths made players lose track of the goal.

Key Revision 2

  • Broke the linearity of the streets, because verticality wasn't enough to deter snipers from locking down those paths.
  • Spaced out the areas around Point A while narrowing down the options to reach it.
  • To make Point B a clearer point of interest one path on the right was removed and the surrounding area is larger.
  • Combined the respawn rooms because they were both too close to the points.

Key Revision 3

  • Completely removed all alternative paths on the right because they were too far to be useful and too disjointed to be instinctive.
  • Consolidated the paths close to A and B to create smaller choke points leading to the control points.
  • Buildings between A and B and now happening inside to help defensive classes close down Point B.
  • Added a 2nd respawn room for BLU to reward their first capture.

Key Revision 4

  • Moved RED respawn room to the left to lead players directly to Point B when they head out.
  • Reorganised the doorways around Point B to create multiple small opportunities for RED to defend, while also letting BLU take breaks between each choke point they successfully push trough.